Frequently Asked Questions


Incubator Program

What is Goodcity’s Incubator program?
What are some areas of development covered in the Incubator Program?
What kinds of services are provided to participants in the Incubator Program?
When and how can I apply for the program?
What does the selection process entail?
What is the time commitment for the Incubator Program?
What are the requirements for the Incubator Program?
What is the cost to be part of the Incubation Program?
Do I need my Articles of Incorporation for Illinois?
Do I need to have my 501c3 or does it matter that I already have one for my organization?

Fiscal Sponsorship Program

What is the difference between Fiscal Sponsorship and Fiscal Management?
What is the cost of Fiscal Sponsorship and am I required to use this service?
What is the cost of Goodcity’s Fiscal Management services?