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Fundraising begins today in anticipation for the mid-July event, where participants will rappel down the Hyatt Regency Chicago in support of female and minority entrepreneurs creating sustainable organizations

CHICAGO, IL (March 21, 2017) — While the journey of being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs, it’s never been taken literally until now. Today, Goodcity Chicago, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that seeks to identify and support high potential community-based entrepreneurs solving complex social and economic issues within the city, will begin its 2017 fundraiser efforts with, “Over the Edge”, a unique and daring event scheduled for July 21- 23, where participants will rappel down 35 stories of the iconic, Hyatt Regency Chicago. All proceeds will go towards Goodcity’s ‘INVEST Chicago Initiative’, which exists to support the growth of sustainable for- and non- profit organizations founded and managed by the most promising female and minority entrepreneurial leaders – those whose success will help to combat the biggest challenges facing our city.

“Rappelling and starting a business or nonprofit are quite comparable, if you think about it,” says Jimmy Lee, President of Goodcity Chicago. “Much like rappelling, starting a business can be exciting, yet unnerving and more than likely, someone will encounter their fair share of ups and downs throughout the journey. By having the proper tools and resources, whether it be a sturdy harness or rope for actual rappelling or a network of mentors or financial support for a burgeoning nonprofit startup, both can be done successfully.”
Those interested in participating can visit the Goodcity fundraising page to sign up and begin their fundraising efforts. Participants can choose to raise funds on their own, build teams with colleagues and friends, or join a pre-established team. Special awards will be given to the individual and team to raise the most money as well as the individual with the most creative rappelling costume. For those looking to participate, but leaping down 35 stories is a bit much, sponsorship is another way to support the fundraiser.  There is an array of sponsorship opportunities available from ‘event sponsor’, which is the highest level of sponsorship, to ‘rope sponsor’, which allows an individual or company to provide a branded rope for use throughout the two-day event. Currently, NBC Chicago, Chick Fil-A and the Hyatt Regency are sponsors, with more to be named in the coming months.
“We want people to get involved, whether building a rappelling team or becoming a sponsor, as their support helps fund, maintain, and grow INVEST Chicago,” says Lee. “With the proceeds from this event, Goodcity is able to continue to build into the capacity of female and minority entrepreneurs. We then provide supportive services such as consulting and management, which in turn, help build up and motivate these entrepreneurs, whose businesses are linchpins in many of our city’s most underserved neighborhoods.”
For more information about the fundraiser or to sign-up, visit or if interested in becoming a sponsor, email


INVEST Chicago exists to support the growth of sustainable for- and non- profit organizations founded and managed by the most promising female and minority entrepreneurial leaders – those whose success will help to combat the biggest challenges facing our city.

Goodcity is a nonprofit organization based in Chicago committed to identifying, growing and investing in social entrepreneurs who are making a difference in under-resourced communities in the Chicago area. We work with both nonprofit and for-profit organizations that promote self-sufficiency, hope and purpose as they work to solve complex problems in their local communities.


CONTACT: Tessa Larsen
Director, INVEST Chicago

February 28, 2017: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

INVEST Chicago selects 5 additional entrepreneurs for INVEST Chicago female and minority portfolio

CHICAGO, IL - Goodcity is thrilled to announce the selection of five additional entrepreneurs in the INVEST Chicago female and minority portfolio. Since its launch on September 16, 2016, the portfolio has raised $250,000 and invested in 10 innovative entrepreneurs who are working to solve complex problems in their communities. The newly selected entrepreneurs are as follows;

Beth Bond, Community Startups - A social entrepreneurship program working with Chicago Public School students to look at social issues as opportunities to create tech-driven solutions.

Angelique Warner, Nurse N Go - To provide a quality ergonomic breastfeeding solution for the active, fashion-forward mom.

Daissy Dominguez, Dominguez Legal Justice Center - To build a socially-conscious law practice that provides affordable legal services to low and moderate-income people.

Nadiah Mohajir, HEART Women & Girls - An organization to provide health and education programming to over 5000 Muslim women and girls in the Chicagoland area, breaking many cultural barriers and raising awareness about important issues such as sexual and reproductive health, sexual violence, and media literacy.

Debra Giunta, Design Dance - An organization designed to build courage, connection and self-awareness through dance. Programs offer high quality dance education that aims to meet the needs of the communities.

These entrepreneurs, along with the original entrepreneurs in the portfolio, are creating high-impact community nonprofit or for-profit enterprises, providing both economic and social impact in their communities. Seven out of the ten women are minorities, and all are working and servicing in an under-resourced community in Chicago.


INVEST Chicago exists to mobilize individuals to collectively give their time, talents, and finances toward a portfolio of entrepreneurs working to make an impact in their local neighborhoods. The goal of the INVEST Chicago portfolio is to effect real social change and economic growth in the city of Chicago. We seek to empower resident entrepreneurs to be catalysts for change in their own neighborhood.