What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal Sponsorship is a cost effective way for individuals to implement new programs, start new organizations and test new approaches for social change in a community. It is most commonly used in the nonprofit sector to enable individuals to start something new without starting a separate nonprofit organization or while they are waiting for their nonprofit status to be finalized through the federal government. The charitable status is granted through the fiscal sponsor. (In this case Goodcity Chicago)

What does Fiscal Sponsorship provide?
  • Receipt of Charitable Deductions
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  • Annual Audits
  • Pro Bono Consulting and Capacity Development
Why Fiscal Sponsorship?
  • You have immediate funds available for your start-up nonprofit organization.
  • The process to establish a 501(c)(3) organization can be expensive.
  • An organization has an anticipated short lifespan.
  • There is immediate funds available for the start up nonprofit organization.
  • Common administrative platform with a larger organization resulting in increased efficiency.
  • Increased credibility.

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